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We believe in long-term relationships and always strive to work with the best brands and the best people.

We are proud to represent and continuously grow together with our portfolio of innovative and beloved beauty and lifestyle brands from all over the world.

Bali Body

Holding a passion for naturally derived and cruelty free products, Bali Body was founded by a young Australian couple back in 2014 to address the need of a suncare, self tan and skincare brand that caters to sensitive and sensitised skin.

Industry leaders in innovation, branding and encapsulating summer vibes, we have been producing and developing successful beauty products for over 10 years. Our range of products are proudly Australian made, cruelty free and have been developed with natural ingredients, catering to a broad range of skin types.

Bali Body Sverige
Banila Co

Banila Co

Here at Banila Co., we believe in a simple yet effective approach to your everyday beauty routine. Inspired by our Korean heritage and generations long perfected formula, our products are made for all #BanilaBabes, no matter your skin type.

Our ingredient stories are heavily influenced by our Korean heritage and what our ancestors have been using for generations to heal & hydrate the skin. We only source plant powered ingredients that are internationally certified vegan by The EU Vegetarian Union. We believe in the power of clean, so all Clean it Zero products are free from parabens, sulfates & phthalates. Did we mention all formulas are also Dermatologist tested?

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Cocoa Brown

Cocoa Brown by Marissa Carter Professional Spray Tan is suitable for all skin types, especially dry and sensitive skin. It is a light and hydrating formula and as with all Cocoa Brown products, our spray tan is non-comedogenic meaning it can be used from head to toe without clogging pores.

Cocoa Brown spray tan is suitable for pregnant women. It's quick drying, water and transfer resistant and, of course, paraben-free and vegetable derived. Cocoa Brown Spray Tan does not use animal testing.

Cocoa Brown Self Tan
Barry M Makeup

Barry M

Created in 1982 and based in London,

England, Barry M is one of the UK’s

leading beauty brands.

Made famous by our love of colour, we’re

an independent family run business – a

USP that we’re proud of – differentiating

us from so many other brands.

We manufacture over 60% of our

products in our purpose-built facility in

North London. We’ve always been

Cruelty Free, we will be 100% vegan by

the end of 2020, and are committed to a

sustainable future for our products and

our business.

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At DHC, we wholeheartedly embrace the Japanese concept of wabi-sabi that teaches there is beauty in imperfection. According to wabi-sabi, each of us is “perfectly imperfect.” We want to help you, and people everywhere, feel beautiful in your own skin


We are absolutely obsessed with the quality of our ingredients. Many of our products are formulated with organic olive oil, which is the cornerstone of our entire company. Today, we continue to source the finest, most innovative ingredients. 

DHC Skincare
Nacomi Next LVL

Nacomi Next Lvl

Nacomi Next Level is a series of active and targeted skincare products offered at an accessible price, tailored for a wide range of skin types and conditions.


The brand was launched in 2021 with the goal of providing salon and spa-quality skincare products for home use – an idea that was conceived during the pandemic and the resulting restrictions that limited access to professional facial treatments.

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Hair Burst

British Hairburst has become well-known for its hair care products and vitamins, which are specially designed to protect and nourish the hair, providing the best possible conditions for maximum length and strength.

Hairburst offers two different product categories – their Vitamin Range, packed with vitamins and minerals that strengthen the hair from within, and their Cosmetics Range, which protects and moisturizes damaged and dry hair from the outside. Together, these products work to make your hair longer, stronger, and healthier.

Hair Burst
Rapidlash lash serum


From idea to development, YOU were a part of every step and decision. Once created, RapidLash® was presented to a familiar drugstore who loved it. In 2008, RapidLash® hit the shelves, and was amazed at the immense love and demand.


Women everywhere wanted the easy and simple solution to enhance their natural lashes. 6 million + women and men have tried and loved the results from the award-winning RapidLash®.

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We believe that cleaning should be fun and we want our products to inspire to treat household shores as a way of improving your life - not to stand in the way of it.  ​With a colorful and aesthetically pleasing range of products, we aim to make our products a natural part of any cleaning cupboard.


Our brand is all about making all aspects of life count - small improvements can go a long way. It´s all about your mind set - enjoy the little things in life. We want our products to help you embrace the mundane and thrive in the ordinary.

YUGOU clean
Sunbum spf


In 2010 we started making products to protect our friends and families from the sun. Since then we’ve grown and gotten a lot bigger but we haven’t changed. Our Cocoa Beach office is an old Florida beach house off A1A.

Our Moonlight Beach office is in the groovy little town of Encinitas California. We play way too much ping pong during work hours. We listen to old albums. We take surf breaks. We bring our dogs and kids to work. We want our lives to matter. We make products the way we like them and we hope you like them too.

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The Fox Tan

Founded on giving babes their darkest and fastest tan without spending hours in the sun, The Fox Tan was created. Real tan or fake tan, we've revolutionised the way you choose to glow.

We are 100% proudly Australian made & owned. We are a Vegan friendly brand and PETA approved.

Tanning is what we are all about, this is our rocket fuel. So say “sayonara” to your other tanning products because these are the only ones you’ll need to glow. 

the fox tan
the pink stuff

The Pink Stuff

Millions of people around the world love and trust The Pink Stuff Miracle Cleaning Paste to tackle tough cleaning tasks. However, did you know that The Miracle Paste dates back to the mid 1930’s?​ ​

Back in the 1930s the product was known as Chemico Household Cleanser and was sold in over 60 countries. Over time the product was affectionately known by consumers as ‘The Pink Stuff’ because it was pink in colour and in a pink tin.​ ​

During the 1980s the product was renamed Chemico The Pink Stuff to reflect consumer language. It was finally sold to Star Brands in 2012 and renamed Star Drops The Pink Stuff Miracle Cleaning Paste, as used today

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